Nanyang music cow dairy group has three food companies(Nanyang lele cow dairy co., LTD、Henan three-color pigeons dairy co., LTD、Henan tricolor dove food co., LTD),Two real estate companies(Nanyang island real estate development co., LTD、Nanyang lele cattle real estate development co., LTD),Was built in1958Years,Formerly the nanyang old milk factory,Cover an area of an area2000Mu,A total construction area of five hundred thousand square meters;Company existing staff1500More than one,Products200More than,2017In sales8Circle,The food and beverage accounted for38%。Divided into two broad categories,One kind is dairy products,Is made up of three color pigeons dairy production(Tricolor dove brand);One kind is vegetable protein drinks,Is produced by lele dairy cattle(Happy cows trademark)。

   Passing by60Years of development,Lele dairy cattle,Relying on markets with products、Broad market network、Professional talent team、Advanced production capacity,Better has become the domestic vegetable protein beverage enterprise、A provincial industrial design center、Provincial demonstration enterprise、High and new technology enterprise,Is a beautiful local“Business card”。The main products are health walnuts、Oat milk、Superiorly happy breast represented by the present class of vegetable protein drinks series,And the fruit of soda、Ice tea represented by summer drink series。

   Le cow dairy always grateful every dealer support,Thanks for affirmation of each consumer,All happy people will with high sense of mission and sense of responsibility for your dedication of conscience!

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Nanyang lele cow dairy co., LTD,Specialize in Vegetable protein drinksFunctional drinksLactic acid bacteriaSummer drinksLight flavor drinkPure water And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:037aa00063132667

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